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Exhalation Valve Face Mask with PM2.5 Active Carbon Filter

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These are great to keep folks safe as our cities open back up. The filters are removable so you can wear it with or without the filter based on your situation and your comfortability.

Helen B.

With partnerships like yours, the city can take steps to safeguard the health and well-being of our residents and community as we work through COVID-19. Your donation will be used in the city's efforts to keep our community safe and support the city's emergency measures in slowing the spread of COVID-19. On behalf of the City of Irvine, accept our gratitude for this generous donation.

Wendy, Irvine Emergency Operation Center

...I also love that you receive a free mask with each order intended for you to give away, and that the company donates to charity with each order.

Ashley G.

I love my mask! The other one I bought was kind of uncomfortable and costed 30 dollars. Thank you for doing this!

Alec N.

I love that I can easily get 10 filters (for an extremely affordable price) while buying masks. Both filter packs are way cheaper here than what other companies are selling them for. I also like that I can use these filters with other masks that I buy.

Tammy V.

This really is the best mask I have worn, and I have to wear it for 10 hours [for work], so I tried a lot to find something that didn't make me feel nauseous!

Alannah T.

Received my masks in a few days and shared the extra sets with people I know. Love the adjustable elastic around the ears as they don't make my ears hurt.

Betty L.

I absolutely love my new masks! This vibrant color is just as gorgeous in the pictures, but so much more. I love how comfortable the mask is and how light weight it feels on my face. The filters are very easy to slip in and out of the mask! I would definitely buy more in all colors!

Lety M.

Of all the varieties of masks I have, these are the most comfortable. I like the fit and the adjustable elastic. I love the fact that part of the profit is going to the less fortunate. Excellent product!

Emily S.