How To Avoid Foggy Glasses When Wearing A Washable, Reusable Face Cover

As more socially-conscious people embody wearing face coverings and face masks in their everyday life to do their part in slowing the spread of the coronavirus, glasses-wearers meet a trivial conundrum with fogged up glasses.

The science behind why this happens is rather simple. As we wear our face masks, warm breath can escape from the top of the mask and meet the cooler lenses of our glasses, creating condensation or fog. A similar effect happens when we wear glasses with a scarf in the winter. Some ways to prevent glasses from fogging when wearing a mask include improving the fit of your mask. Luckily, our masks feature bendable metal strips that allow you to mold the mask to your nose and cheeks.

The original intent of the nose-bridge design we incorporated into all of our masks were to ensure the fit was tight enough to prevent frequent repositioning; and that it would fit firmly, but comfortably, against the skin. As an added bonus, the nose-bridge design helps wearers avoid the dreaded fogged lenses. The adjustable ear-loops found on all of our mask designs also helps to create a tight seal. Tightening the straps around your ears can also help in avoiding the escape of warm breath from the top of the mask.
Here's a trick from our team! If all else fails, just add a little bit of soapy water to the inside of your lenses. Rinse them off and let them air dry or dry with a soft cloth to stop the fog. This will create a thin layer to stop condensation from collecting. Shop all of our comfortable and adjustable mask options here!

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